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Hazcall24 is a specialised call centre service, where the insured client calls our 24/7 manned emergency line to notify us of an accident, incident or spillage.

Once the call is received, our trained operators will obtain all vital information with regards to the spillage/incident. Thereafter, they will immediately mobilise the nearest and best-suited spill response team to the scene.

Hazcall24 ensures the correct service providers are appointed, and the correct methodology is followed to aid in cost management. By utilising the Call Centre, the cost of claim is significantly reduced, as immediate authorisation is provided by the Envirosure staff who are available 24/7 to assist the Call Centre with instant verification of the client’s vehicle details, cover and paid premiums.

All incidents have to be reported to the Call Centre in the event of any spillage, accident, incident or potential claim.

Hazcall is a compulsory service, which will be included in your quote. This cover is an Envirosure value added service offering.

Cross border: +27 60 440 2810

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Application to become a Service Provider

Envirosure has a panel of approved service providers. To apply to be added to our panel please download the list of required documents below and complete the application form.

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