Envirosure Underwriting Managers is a niche underwriting agency specialising in environmental impairment cover.

We have been operating since 2008 and our intricate knowledge of the environmental insurance industry ensures that we are well-equipped to assist our clients with the handling of all the complexities of the administration and reporting required for environmental and legal compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Envirosure’s policies fully cover the costs incurred during 1st and 3rd party clean-up and rehabilitation in the event of an environmental incident. Our cover options are designed to protect owners and operators of Dangerous Goods and potential pollutants from the extensive costs which can result from an incident of this nature.

No, we also offer a site clean-up policy. This covers the insured for above and underground storage of goods. Both the Transport and Site policies offer a number of cover options, value added products, and benefits related to environmental incidents.

The principal environmental insurance coverages, which can be tailored to meet the specific risk, are:

Transport Clean-up Policy
A comprehensive environmental policy for customers transporting hazardous goods and potential pollutants. This cover is designed to protect transporters of dangerous goods and potential pollutants from the extensive costs of pollution and rehabilitation following an environmental incident.

Site Clean-up Policy
A comprehensive environmental policy for the storage of hazardous goods and other potential pollutants. This covers the Insured for environmental incidents arising from any above-ground storage tanks, underground storage tanks, silos, products in the manufacturing process, warehousing, yard storage and spills occurring as a result of loading / offloading on site.

Spill Protect Plan™
A complete environmental impairment management solution to provide expert advice on risk assessment and incident prevention in your business process; immediate response to environmental impairment incidents; and access to insurance specialists who will assist with the handling of all the legalities and oftentimes complex paperwork related to your claims.

In terms of the National Environmental Management Act, No. 107 of 1998 (NEMA), transporters are liable for the costs of remedying any pollution, environmental degradation and consequent adverse health effects they cause. A person convicted of an offence in terms of NEMA may be liable to pay a fine of up to R10 million and/ or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 10 years. Having the correct policies will ensure that any incident is handled in a way that is fully compliant with NEMA’s stipulations, including the Act’s strict reporting requirements. When choosing the right amount of cover for your specific operation, it’s always the best policy to be insured for the worst case scenario.

Our cover options range from R1 million to R30 million. Lower limits are available on request and higher limits may be obtained on the basis of a separate Excess of Loss policy.

Since 2008 we have paid out 99.8% of claims which translates to over 1 622 successfully managed claims, and more than R323 million paid to date.

Spill Tech are leaders in the spill response industry, employing over 1 300 highly skilled staff operating out of 16 branches ensuring nationwide coverage.

With a fleet of over 200 specialist vehicles, Spill Tech are on site within the hour nearly 100% of the time.

Thanks to the partnership, customers will experience faster response times because they only need to make one call to deal with both the claim and the clean-up – due to Envirosure’s automatic in-house approval process.

This will minimise environmental damage and reduce cleanup costs – a saving that will be passed on through lower premiums.

Our general cover options are underwritten by either Centriq Insurance Company Limited or Mutual & Federal Risk Financing Limited, who are both authorised financial services providers and licensed non-life insurers.
Our Third Party Liability Solution is underwritten by Leppard and Associates (Pty) Ltd an authorised financial services provider and underwriting manager authorised by Lombard Insurance Company Limited, a licensed non-life insurer and authorised financial services provider.
Our Driver Solution is underwritten by Old Mutual Insure Limited, an authorised financial services provider and licensed non-life insurer.
The underwriter(s) of your specific product is stated in your schedule and policy wording.

Hazcall24 is our 24-hour toll-free specialised call centre with trained operators who receive all the vital information regarding an incident or spillage. Hazcall24 is the link between the Insured, Envirosure and the incident responders. Hazcall will co-ordinate throughout the incident response.
Hazcall has service providers that can respond in all areas that form part of the policy’s territorial limits.

We are dedicated to keeping both the broker and client informed throughout the claims process, from the incident being reported to the claim being finalised and settled.

The client can be added to an instant messaging group once the incident details have been received which will include all major role players from Envirosure and the spill responder.

Once the response is in progress, live updates are provided hourly throughout the process as the response, containment and clean-up progresses. Following the finalisation of the claim, a detailed report and cost breakdown is compiled and if necessary a claim’s debriefing is arranged at the broker and client’s convenience.

No, there are many dry and liquid commodities that may not be classed as dangerous goods that can still negatively impact the environment if spilled and must be cleaned up. Envirosure offer Dry Non Haz Solutions for transporters moving dry, non hazardous cargo.

No, we have a panel of approved service providers and will immediately mobilise the nearest and best suited response team.

The number for Hazcall24 is 0860 44 44 11 or +27 60 440 2810 for cross border calls.

Envirosure’s policies have been endorsed by the Department of Energy as the required proof of financial provision for site licence applications.