Mount Edgecombe Mall Pile-up


On the evening of Thursday 30 October, a truck driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed through a barrier off the M41, piling into multiple cars in the Flanders Mall parking lot in Mount Edgecombe.

The truck was transporting resins, which seeped into nearby stormwater drains. Clean-up operations only commenced the next morning due to wet conditions at the time of the accident.

Please click on the video link above to watch an interview with the broker whose client was covered for this incident by Envirosure.

A spill like the one above can result in millions of rands spent on clean-up and environmental impairment operations.

You should be relying on responders who have adequate resources so they can reach the site quickly, and deal with the incident as proficiently and efficiently as possible.

If the incident is handled poorly you could risk reputational damage, not to mention financial and legal ramifications.

This is often a time-consuming task and requires professionals who are experts in environmental legal compliance, and who know the best ways to clean and remediate affected areas.