Dangerous Pass Alert


Envirosure Underwriting Managers wish to inform their clients and the general public about an area of concern on the N11 near Kranspoort.

There have been a multitude of claims in this area, predominantly as a result of brake failure/seizing and overturning on the sharp bends. This stretch of road has been flagged as our highest claim frequency area this year, and as our transporters’ safety is paramount, we would like to create awareness. A number of drivers have been fatally injured on this treacherous pass. This area has very limited cellphone reception leading to delays in emergency services responding.

The area is extremely ecologically sensitive due to its close proximity to the Loskop Dam with multiple streams and rivers feeding into the dam. For this year, Envirosure is holding claim estimates of nearly R6 million for this precarious pass.







We urge all transporters to be cautious and take note of the following safety tips:

  • If possible, avoid this route
  • Avoid driving this route at night
  • Use experienced drivers, who have driven this pass before
  • Drivers should go for Advanced Driver Training, including defensive driving to aid in the prevention of overturning
  • The speed limit is 60kmph – this must not be exceeded and preferably should be driven at lower speed
  • Check brakes of the vehicle prior to the trip as hard braking with heavy loads may be problematic
  • Make use of the arrester beds
  • Inform drivers of the risks and precautionary measures they should be taking
  • Fleet controllers to mark this route as high risk, with continued monitoring of fleets within this area
  • Given the poor cellphone reception, should you not hear from your driver within the allotted time frame, raise an alert
  • Contact Hazcall24 at any time should you suspect an incident has occurred
  • Ensure that your Hazcall24 stickers are visible on the vehicles







Please click on the video link above, courtesy of Mountain Passes South Africa, to view this route from the driver’s perspective.

As part of Envirosure’s proactive risk management approach, please let us know if you travel this route.

Kind regards,

The Envirosure Team